What is the USP of Kishco Innochef?

Kishco innochef is made of superior alloys using the latest technology. The special feature of this cookware is that it is - Triply, which indicates a threelayer construction.

What is Triply?

The cookware comprises of three layers of superior quality metals bonded together. The inner layer is clad with 304SS (stainless steel) or Food Grade steel, the middle layer is made up of highly conductive aluminum and the exterior is built with induction-friendly 439SS (stainless steel) to withstand high heat temperatures.

What are the other features of Kishco Innochef?

This Triply cookware is super efficient ensuring even heat distribution and fuel efficiency. It is multi usage and makes it easy to handle even when the food is hot. The sturdy and long-lasting Food Grade stainless steel makes usage safe and healthy.

What is Food Grade stainless steel?

Food grade stainless steel, in technical terms is called 304SS; which consists of 18% chromium and 10% nickel. It is commonly referred to as surgical steel; as it is safe, hygienic and rust-free. The Food Grade stainless steel endures high temperatures and its protective oxide layer combats corrosion arising out of various food acids known to contaminate foods.


What makes Kishco Innochef cookware the best choice in comparison to regular stainless steel?

Kishco Innochef is Triply cookware, manufactured using the latest technology, and made of 100% Food Grade stainless steel. Regular Stainless steel cookware does not use the triply technology , also the quality of metal used is compromised due to high costs. It is advisable to buy from a trusted brand that assures usage of high quality Food Grade metal.

Is aluminum cookware considered safe for cooking?

No. Aluminum gets absorbed into food if cooked in direct contact with the aluminum vessel. The amount of aluminum that gets leeched into food depends on the cooking temperature and time. If ingested in high proportions, aluminum can cause health problems especially pertaining to digestive, reproductive and nervous systems.

What is hard anodized cookware? Why is Kishco Innochef (Triply cookware ) superior to Hard anodized?

Hard Anodized cookware significantly hardens aluminum using an electrochemical process. This makes usage of the cookware safe as the treated surface prevents aluminum absorption in food. Kishco Innochef has distinct advantages over hard anodized cookware. Made with the latest technology, this process of manufacturing totally eliminates contact with aluminum. It uses the triple action process wherein the aluminum is sandwiched inbetween two metal layers, eliminating direct contact with the food, thereby making it safe, super-efficient and healthy.

Why prefer Kishco Innochef over non-stick cookware?

Non-stick cookwares have a protective covering of various chemicals that can get absorbed in food causing health ailments. The Food Grade metal used in Kishco Innochef makes it safe and hygienic.


Can I use my Kishco innochef cookware on an induction cooker?

Yes, definitely, it can be used on an induction cooker. Kishco Innochef is also compatible with all modern-day cookers – cooktops and hobs, traditional gas, coil heaters, halogen heaters and hot plate.

Is it safe to use in an oven?

Yes. It is safe for oven usage for up to a temperature of 180 degree Celsius.

Is Kishco innochef cookware microwave safe?

No. Any metal cookware in a microwave will heat up in no time and can even explode, ultimately damaging the microwave.

Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes. Kishco innochef cookware is dishwasher safe.